Tishman Speyer Stuyvesant Town (NYC) Fraud
The Biggest Threat to Wall Street Corruption & the Illegal Israeli Lobby Violence against U.S. Citizens: is American Women, the only ones who are courageous enough to expose the corruption
While the Israeli Lobby members in the United States use their “Day of Atonement” to plot further criminal acts against non-Israeli Lobby members in the U.S. rather than to actually ‘atone’ for their criminal acts, it looks like AMERICAN WOMEN will be delivering the atonement in the form of justice for their victims.
Looks like only American Women have the courage to expose the dirty Wall Street Corruption and Israeli Lobby members illegal influence and corruption of the U.S. Courts while the U.S. law enforcement agencies with ties to the Israeli Lobby look the other way:
AMERICAN WOMEN LAWYERS are taking on the cowardly Israeli Lobby members whose ‘slaughter and steal’ Israeli policy is being exposed on Wall Street and in the New York City and State Courts.  The Federal Reserve Israeli Lobby members whitewashing concerning its comrades Goldman Sachs alleged financial crimes sounds like the lax treatment the New York Police Department NYPD Swine (“Bratton’s NYPD Butchers of NYC”) and the New York State Attorney General Eric “Shield the Shysters” Schneiderman give to their Israeli Lobby member comrades, the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village tax fraudsters and named racketeering defendants in the numerous lawsuits in the New York State and Federal Courts (e.g.,Tishman Speyer (Roby Speyer, Jerry Speyer), Rose Associates, Inc. (Adam Rose, Fred Knapp, Esq., Gregory Claude), CW Capital Asset Management, Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Paul N. Gruber, Esq., Robert D. Goldstein, Esq.), Housing Court Judges Gerald Lebovits, Esq., Laurie L. Lau, Esq.).
Cue the Israeli Lobby Hasbara Handbook cry baby tactic of retaliation assaultive character assasinations against these courageous women.  The Israeli Lobby is probably running around pulling its hair out trying to convince the world that these women’s use of even the word ‘the’ in their complaints exposing the Israeli Lobby Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve rent boys’ corruption, and the Wall Street Finance, Law Firms and Real Estate Executives’ tax frauds and racketeering schemes, as ‘anti-Semitic’.’  See  https://tishmanspeyerfraud.wordpress.com/2014/08/23/holocaust-survivor-reuven-moskovitz-compares-israels-actions-against-the-palestinians-to-same-conduct-he-received-from-the-nazis-the-israelijewish-agenda-lobby-goes-beserk/
 and http://tishmanspeyerfraud.tumblr.com/post/96722425134/u-s-senator-chuck-schumers-admission-as-a-member-of 

* And remember, the dirty rent boys Federal Reserve connection to the Stuyvesant Town named Racketeering and Tax Fraudsters? ANSWER:  Named racketeering defendant New York University’s very own President John E. Sexton and NYU’s named co-defendant Jerry Speyer (Tishman Speyer) were both directors of the Federal Reserve…wonder if their names will come up during the Federal Investigation of the corruption of the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs?

*Also watch very closely at how the JUDGES (both FEDERAL and STATE) in New York City will do their best to throw out cases before they even get to litigate…another tactic of the dirty Israeli Lobby Hasbara Handbook: to target the U.S. Courts to illegally influence and violate American Citizens’ rights to due process.

American Women teach the cowards of the U.S. Israeli Lobby criminals a lesson in courage and justice.

BREAKING NEWS: Millionaire Real Estate Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (of Rose Associates, Inc.) googles his name, doesn’t like being in the same paragraph as ‘child pornography’ SUES YAHOO and TUMBLR, TWITTER and Automattic (Wordpress) and he and his Racketeering Codefendant Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink) submit FALSE AFFIDAVITS/AFFIRMATIONS to Illegally Obtain IDENTITES of ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS!?

BREAKING NEWS: Millionaire Real Estate Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (of Rose Associates, Inc.) googles his name, doesn’t like being in the same paragraph as ‘child pornography’ SUES YAHOO and TUMBLR, TWITTER and Automattic (Wordpress) and he and his Racketeering Codefendant Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink) submit FALSE AFFIDAVITS/AFFIRMATIONS to Illegally Obtain IDENTITES of ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS!? What are you afraid of Adam Rose?

Here’s Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (of Rose Associates, Inc.) continuation of his pogrom and latest obsessive harassment and stalking of this blog and blogger (like he did to Lux Living) in order to VIOLATE THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of bloggers and journalists reporting on public legal proceedings in which Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose is accused of violent criminal acts including assault, harassment, criminal mischief against a female tenant and lawyer who exposed Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose’s participation in the Stuyvesant Town tax fraud and racketeering scheme:


Frivolous Order to Show Cause for pre-action discovery to (improperly and illegally) OBTAIN THE IDENTITIES OF ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS : http://tinyurl.com/OSCtoGetAnonymousBloggersIds

AFFIDAVIT of Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose : http://tinyurl.com/AffidavitAdamRose

EXHIBIT 1 Blog Posts he doesn’t like: http://tinyurl.com/laxvq22

EXHIBIT 2 Blog Posts he doesn’t like: http://tinyurl.com/l5kdawn

EXHIBIT 3 Twitter Posts he doesn’t like: http://tinyurl.com/k7wzcpa

AFFIRMATION OF Racketeering Defendant Lawyer Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink):

EXHIBIT 1 Tumblr Privacy Statement :http://tinyurl.com/ldsmcp3 

EXHIBIT 2 Automattic (Wordpress)’s Privacy Statement: http://tinyurl.com/lj52ppr

EXHIBIT 3 Twitter Privacy Statement: http://tinyurl.com/kp9fc56

MEMORANDUM OF LAW of Racketeering Defendant Debra Guzov, Esq. : http://tinyurl.com/lhlf558

JUST a Sample of FALSE STATEMENTS UNDER OATH made by Racketeering Defendants Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.) and Lawyer Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink) – Isn’t that a CRIMINAL OFFENSE…Perjury? Shouldn’t a LAWYER be DISBARRED for LYING to the COURT during LEGAL PROCEEDINGS? What do you think New York State Unified Court System and New York Attorney General’s Office? We know you are reading this blog, too —- you can’t lie about not knowing, now can you?

(1) Racketeering Defendant LAWYER Debra Guzov, Esq. - LIES and says “6. No previous application has been made for the relief requested herein[IDENTITY OF ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS OF THIS WEBSITE]” – really?

What about you and Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.)’s ‘application’ i.e., demand to the court’s disciplinary committee to do your bidding for free to demand that your victim ( and the female tenant and lawyer who is suing you) tell you the identities of bloggers. SEE: Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose’s own Exhibit 1 of blog posts above: http://tinyurl.com/laxvq22 – and here: http://tishmanspeyerfraud.tumblr.com/post/75514004729/breaking-news-in-stuyvesant-town-racketeering-lawsuit

THAT’s why secret New York State Court Proceedings are improper and violate the PUBLIC’s right to know what the government/court is doing. Racketeering Defendant LAWYER Debra Guzov’s LIES under oath would never have been known! What do you think now New York State Unified Court System? Can’t pretend you didn’t see it…

(2) Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose LIES UNDER OATH and says that the Blog Posts he claims are ‘defamatory’ said: that ADAM ROSE WAS UNDER “INDICTMENT” FOR A CRIME? See Paragraph 7 of his Affidavit: “ (even claiming I [Adam Rose] was under ‘indictment’)” Really? Where Adam Rose? THE WORD ‘indictment’ is not even used in the blog posts that Adam Rose is falsely quoting NOR do the BLOG POSTS he is required to present to the court to prove he has a claim for defamation in order to obtain private anonymous bloggers’ information – DO NOT EVEN INCLUDE the falsely quoted word ‘indictment’ or any statement that Adam Rose was under indictment.

*** Racketeering Defendants Adam Rose and Lawyer Debra Guzov are willfully LYING to the COURT UNDER OATH because THEY HAVE NO ACTIONABLE CLAIMS AGAINST THIS BLOGGER OR ANY OTHER BLOGGER reporting on the public legal proceedings. They are hoping that the New York State Court Judge DONNA MILLS will be like her colleagues Racketeering Defendants Housing Court Judges Laurie L. Lau, Gerald Lebovits and Brenda Spears (named defendants in pending racketeering lawsuits) who are accused in various legal proceedings of just rubber-stamping documents of these defendants without even READING the documents before them (i.e., robosigning). ****

*** Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose is LYING about WHEN he became aware of numerous websites because his time to sue for his frivolous defamation claims EXPIRED – he has no basis to demand the Court VIOLATE THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS***

See: Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose and his Racketeering Codefendant Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink)’s May 9, 2012 – TWO YEARS AGO – frivolous DMCA Takedown Notice and original threat of defamation to TUMBLR and to this BLOG: http://tinyurl.com/mvycq7p

MORE EVIDENCE OF Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose and his Racketeering Codefendant Lawyer Debra Guzov, Esq.’s LIES will be posted – as well as this BLOG’ss OBJECTIONS to the Order to Show Cause.

ALSO – PUBLIC PROCEEDING ON THE ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE scheduled - go and see Racketeering Defendants in person and what the Court will do:

April 8, 2014 at 11:30 AM
Judge Donna Mills
Courtroom 574
111 Centre Street
New York, NY

*** Interesting: at the HOUSING COURT BUILDING – where it is alleged in pending legal proceedings that the robosigning and racketeering all began ***

BREAKING NEWS in Stuyvesant Town Racketeering Lawsuit: What do Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.), Child Pornography and Disney all have in common???

BREAKING NEWS: What do Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose, Child Pornography and Disney all have in common?

It’s been a while since there’s been any information on the long-standing and pending Stuyvesant Town Racketeering lawsuit and wow, bombshell allegations abound and the reasons for radio silence will probably not surprise you, but wait to hear what these Racketeering Defendants continue to do…and who’s helping them to harass the female attorney and crime victim who blew the whistle on them to federal and state officials (and yes, it includes more judges in the New York State Unified Court System e.g., one whose employee concealed the identity of racketeering defendants Borah Goldstein’s employee in the courtroom?!?!?!). The Court files are filled with bombshells!

(1) It appears as those little Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose and his co-conspirators L(iars)awyers Racketeering Defendants Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel, P.C. (Robert D. Goldstein), Debra Guzov (Guzov Offsink LLC) AND defendant NYC Housing Court judge Gerald Lebovits have been busy employing the same tactics like the Secret Service (S.S.) of the Nazi Regime by using the free services of the State Bar Disciplinary Committee to conduct secret proceedings against the female attorney who accused them in court proceedings of assaulting, harassing, stalking and violently destroying her property AND stealing her legal files AFTER she blew the whistle on the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates Inc. (Adam Rose)/Borah Goldstein Residential Real Estate Racketeering and Tax Fraud Scheme implicating them.

AND, the REASON for the Nazi-like secret proceedings of the Racketeering Defendants’ friends at the Bar Disciplinary Committee???? Little Adam Rose and his Racketeering Co-Defendants don’t like what this blog and other anonymous blogs are legally reporting and they are falsely saying the blogs are defamatory?!?!? And, the Racketeering Defendants are trying to obtain the identities of bloggers not only from this blog but numerous other blogs who report Anonymously on the legal proceedings and give their opinions of the little Adam Rose (Rose Associates Inc.), Borah Goldstein, Tishman Speyer and Stuyvesant Town Racketeering and Tax Fraud Scheme Cases. The Racketeering Defendants are trying to get all of our identities without notice to the blogs and without proper legal proceedings instead they are going through confidential secret proceedings to force an attorney who’s a crime victim to disclose who she’s talking to claiming it’s a disciplinary proceeding. The female attorney and crime victim is fighting the Racketeering Defendants’ attempts to illegally obtain anonymous bloggers’ information through these illegal means.  And, of course, they are trying to make the female attorney crime victim look bad but it only looks like a cover-up by more New York State Court employees and judges! WOW! How can this be legal??? Hmmm, wow, maybe the bias by the judges and the New York State Courts that the attorney victim has repeatedly stated in her legal documents should not be ignored anymore.

** It appears as though the female attorney victim is allowed to talk about this now because the Racketeering Defendants mentioned the confidential proceedings in public court documents and apparently the filing of the complaints with the Bar committee are also the subject of some of her claims in the pending lawsuit.***

As the readers of this blog know, little Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose’s l(iar)awyer Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink LLC) who herself is named as part of the racketeering scheme in the Tishman Speyer racketeering lawsuits (other law firms and lawyers named in the lawsuit include: Robert D. Goldstein, Paul N. Gruber, Carla M. Seals (Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel, P.C., and Belkin Burden Wenig and Goldman, L.L.C.) tried to shut this blog down by saying the same things: falsely stating that this blog is ‘defamatory’ (because it reports on the Stuyvesant Town lawsuits) by sending a notice to the web host on MAY 9, 2012 – ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO. The web host clearly didn’t agree with them and cowardly li(ar)on Adam Rose and his modern day Gestapo-like attorneys Debra Guzov, Esq. never filed any lawsuits because they have no valid claims. Plus, I am told the statute of limitations for any of their harassing attempts for claims of defamation has expired. So what do they do??? They are going after an attorney and crime victim (whose case has been reported here) through secret proceedings to get anonymous bloggers identities. A MORE DETAILED POST ON THIS TOPIC INCLUDING WHAT LITTLE DEBBIE DOWNER GUZOV’S LETTER ON BEHALF OF ADAM “I’M NOT A REAL BOY” ROSE TO THE BLOG HOST DEMANDED AND WAS SHOTDOWN WILL BE POSTED LATER…..

……but now for the Racketeering and Harassment Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.) and his dirty rent boys (and girls) including the NYPD 13th precinct’s connection to child pornography and Disney allegations…?!?!?!?!

(2) Is Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.) and his stable of Gestapo-like “lawyers” Racketeering Defendants including Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber) and Little Debbie Guzov (Guzov Ofsink LLC) communicating with and acting in connection with Disney and its attorneys to help conceal Disney’s connection to child pornography? I know but just wait…and maybe now we can all understand why these defendants are violently attacking this female attorney and why they want to destroy her, literally.

Apparently in the latest court filings it was disclosed that the female attorney and crime victim’s legal files that were destroyed and stolen during the pending racketeering lawsuit (while some of the Racketeering Defendants were under court order to preserve the plaintiff’s property) included legal files concerning a separate pending case that the female attorney was involved in…which included (quoted from the court documents):  “Disney scripts involved in that lawsuit contained child pornography, sex in front of a priest, threesomes and other scenes that Disney and the Quinn Emanuel law firm wouldn’t want the public to know about…” Holy Disney Child Porn?!?! Say it ain’t so?!?!

Apparently, Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose and his attorneys (who are also defendants, remember) Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel, P.C. actually submitted documents from that separate Disney case and referenced the stolen documents —- how stupid can you get?!?!

Take some time to let this all sink in…more to come later…this anonymous blogger needs a drink. Yes, this stuff really happens.

Hey NYPD sound familiar?: FBI probe results in 18 LA sheriffs’ deputies indicted for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and civil rights violations


Breaking News:  LA sheriffs’ deputies indicted for similar obstruction of justice, civil rights abuses that the NYPD is accused of committing against Stuyvesant Town tenants (NYPD 13th precinct - Adam Rose racketeering defendant’s personal rent boys who assault and harass Stuyvesant Town rent-stabilized tenants).  Wow — not so hard to believe now, is it?

Since these secret federal investigations take months/years, let’s hope there’s a coast to coast arrest soon of the thugs in the New York Police Department and their racketeering co-defendant Adam Rose/Rose Associates.

NYPD takes part in road rage incident:NYPD Involved in ANOTHER VIOLENT ASSAULT - Does Nothing

"Earlier, on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," CBS News reported that an undercover detective was riding with the group of bikers. Sources say he did not take part in the altercation with Alexian Lien and his wife, but he did not step in to stop the attack either, reportedly because he did not want to blow his cover.

The[NYPD] detective, who has not been identified, was not investigating the motorcycle group. He has retained a lawyer and is not talking to police.”


Another representation of the violent thugs of the NYPD — sitting back and watching a violent attack on a man and his family.  TYPICAL NYPD SCUM.

Wonder if the NYPD motorcycle gang officers are members of the Adam Rose Gestapo Squad at the 13 Precinct?  This NYPD Detective is NOT TALKING TO THE POLICE — during a criminal investigation that he witnessed????  Bet Internal Affairs will take years to ‘investigate’ that —- again, another example of the Thug  Squad of the NYPD. 

CIA Report finds concerns with New York City Police Department


Of course:  Maybe the New York City Police thugs — including named racketeering and extortionist Adam Rose’s (Rose Associates) Gestapo squad at the 13th Precinct in New York City who strong-armed tenants at Stuyvesant Town not to file police reports, who cancelled 911 calls from tenants at Stuyvesant Town and gave named defendant violent extortionist Adam Rose (Rose Associates) a GUN PERMIT (because Adam Rose’s boyfriend Peter McQuillan was an NYPD Sergeant, using NYC Police resources for personal favors????) — used their CIA lackeys to learn how to illegally spy on Stuyvesant Town residents?  

When you have NYC NYPD thugs raping and illegally trolling federal police computer databases to find women to harass and boil for dinner (e.g., NYPD’s finest Gilberto Valle):


No wonder New York City Police Department and criminal racketeering defendants Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc., Fred Knapp, Gregory Claude, Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel) and it’s real estate comrade Mayor Bloomberg are wetting their pants over the thought of having a separate Inspector General to investigate the New York City Police Department (Defying Mayor Bloomberg and his top cop, NYPD Raymond Kelly, City Council passes bill to create an Inspector General separate from the corrupt NYPD to investigate police complaints:


— looks like the NYPD Gestapo thugs (including defendant racketeer and extortionist Adam Rose, Rose Associates, rent boys at the NYPD 13th Precinct) and defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates) can’t hide behind their daddy’s money and their boyfriend’s NYPD shields for much longer….the world is watching, you will be exposed.

NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) SUED by Former IAB Detective who reveals corruption (shocking?!): Wonder why it’s taking so long for the NYPD rapists, cannibals, abusers, and Tishman Speyer/Adam Rose NYPD Gestapo racketeers (13th precinct Adam Rose rent boys) to be put in prison for their criminal acts?

(Not so) Shocking news:  New York City Police Department — Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) - responsible for investigating the criminal acts of the NYPD - is under fire for ITS OWN CRIMINAL ACTS — Former Detective with the Internal Affairs Department SUES NYPD and the City and says there is a need for an independent Inspector General.  

Hmmm, no wonder the investigation into the Stuyvesant Town/Tishman Speyer/Adam Rose Nazi Regime Gestapo 13th Precinct Rent Boys of the NYPD (Garcia, Matias, Habib, Guilichello, Guiliana…) is taking so long…THIS gives more insight into the NYPD’s inability to ‘police’ its own and explains how the Tishman Speyer/Borah Goldstein/Rose Associates criminal racketeering scheme with its NYPD street thugs from the 13th precinct have been getting away with their extortion, assaults, and other criminal acts for so many years…but it looks like the NYPD and the defendant racketeer Adam Rose’s Rent Boys from the 13th precinct will soon be under oath in the New York Supreme Court and brought to justice