Tishman Speyer Stuyvesant Town (NYC) Fraud
"Convicted of Mortgage Fraud, Two LAWYERS Seek New Trial": Sound familiar Borah Goldstein, Fred Knapp (Rose Associates)?

LAWYERS’ lame excuses that they were “merely performing routine legal chores for transactions that netted fraud ring participants more than $25 million” found GUILTY  by a Federal Jury that convicted them of 10 felony counts each in relation to the scheme, including conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud.   http://www.newyorklawjournal.com/PubArticleNY.jsp?id=1202564967886&slreturn=20120631183538

The Tishman Speyer/Borah Goldstein/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose) Residential Real Estate Racketeering Fraud allegations sound strikingly similar:  i.e., Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Fred Knapp, Esq., Gregory Claude)’s Nazi conduct enforcing co-conspirator racketeer Law Firm:  Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber, Carla Seals, Anna Guiliana, et. al)’s over 6 year “eviction mill” fraudulent conduct in the NYC Housing Court (facilitated by NYC Housing Court procedures and employees e.g., Judges Laurie Lau, Gerald Lebovits, Brenda Spears, et. al.) concerning the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village racketeering scheme and over $200 million dollar tax fraud and the robosigning of “petitions” for evictions of rent-stabilized and market rate tenants, all victims of the Tishman Speyer/Borah Goldstein/Rose Associates real estate and tax fraud scheme. 

Let’s see if the New York State Courts will not be extorted and/or illegally influenced like the NYC Housing Court by the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose)/Borah Goldstein racketeers and instead will apply the same Constitutional due process and rights to a Female Lawyer/Female Tenant/Violent Felony Victim as in similar Federal and State RICO cases against residential real estate criminal racketeers ( see Pinnacle Group RICO lawsuit http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/08/nyregion/pinnacle-group-settles-ny-tenants-harassment-suit.html).

BREAKING NEWS: NYPD INTERNAL AFFAIRS orders NYPD to investigate NewYorkUniversity’s Stuyvesant Town Property Manager ADAM ROSE for VIOLENT FELONY v.FemaleTenant

Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD ORDERS NYPD to investigate NYU’s Stuyvesant Town property manager ADAM ROSE (ROSE ASSOCIATES), FRED KNAPP, ESQ., and GREGORY CLAUDE in the VIOLENT FELONY destruction of Female Tenant’s property in April in the continuing criminal investigations against Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Amy Rose, Daniel Rose)’s concerning the criminal and civil  racketeering acts committed by Tishman Speyer, Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Fredd Knapp, Gregory Claude), their debt collector law firm Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber, Carla Seals), against a Female Tenant who filed a racketeering, harassment, fraud lawsuit against Rose Associates, Tishman, Borah Goldstein, et. al, that’s pending in New York State Supreme Court.

Despite co-conspirator (in the criminal residential real estate racketeering and fraud pending lawsuit) ADAM ROSE’s years long hold over and special favors by the NYPD 13th Precinct (as well as special favors by his NYPD Sergeant boyfriend Peter McQuillan, including, NYPD improperly giving ADAM ROSE a GUN PERMIT, 13th precinct harassing tenants and NYU students into not making complaints in order to fraudulently report crime statistics at NYU’s Stuyvesant Town -illegal? violative of J-51 tax law - DORMS), Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD ordered the NYPD to take and investigate the complaint of the criminal violent felonious acts that the NYPD 13th Precinct officers participated in/refused to take complaint - and to investigate ADAM ROSE (ROSE ASSOCIATES), FRED KNAPP (an ‘attorney’ who spied on rent-stabilized tenants and filed thousands of frivolous lawsuits as part of the criminal residential real estate racketeering lawsuit), GREGORY CLAUDE who participated FELONY DESTRUCTION of Female Tenant’s property and who repeatedly submitted perjury and false affidavits in the numerous fraudulent housing court cases in frutherance of the criminal racketeering scheme, as well as other individuals who participated in and covered up the VIOLENT FELONIES.

The VIOLENT FELONY charges include JAIL TIME, although it would seem thatADAM ROSE— who is known for his sadistic and rage filled emails to female tenants and his harassment towards female tenants - would probably enjoy his time in prison.

The Racketeering Scheme Unveiled: New York University (NYU) part of StuyvesantTown Rackeering Fraud?

New York University (NYU) was recently notified that it will be named as a Defendant Co-Conspirator in the Multi-Million Dollar New York State Supreme Court Racketeering/Harassment Fraud Lawsuit against Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates(Adam Rose)/CWCapital case for NYU’s role in the most prolific residential real estate fraud and racketeering enterprise and scheme concerning Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village (Index No. 107310/2011). 

New York University(NYU) has contracts with Co-Defendant Racketeers Tishman Speyer/CWCapital Asset Management/Rose Associates (Adam Rose) regarding NYU Housing in the property (Stuyvesant Town). See http://www.nyu.edu/life/living-at-nyu/on-campus-living/explore-the-residencehalls/Stuyvesant-Town.html .

Already found guilty of illegally charging market rate rents in violation of the Rent Stabilized laws (see Roberts v. Tishman Speyer, et. al.), Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose)/CWCapital Asset and, as alleged, New York University (NYU) conspired to violate e.g., New York State Rent Stabilized Law and Tax Law, to harass tenants, in order to illegally force rent stabilized tenants out to illegally charge market rate rents and to offer New York University Housing (which the legal proceedings in the New York State Supreme Court will reveal whether even this racketeering deal offering transient student housing between NYU and co-defendants Tishman Speyer/CwCapital/Rose Associates violates the Rent Stabilized and Residential Housing laws).

New York University(NYU)’s participation in this racketeering scheme could result in the disgorgement of the illegally obtained funds received by NYU in furtherance of the residential real estate racketeering scheme i.e., all the proceeds from its at least 6 years of participation in the illegal racketeering scheme of money received for housing in Stuyvesant Town, triple damages, as well as disgorgement of the property interest, and will subject New York University (NYU) to individual and CLASS ACTION lawsuits by the student victims as well as the victim tenants of Stuyvesant Town.

New York University (NYU) was recently notified to preserve its records with criminal racketeers Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose), CWCapital Asset, and soon those records will be public record.

As a side note, as the NYPD internal affairs investigation continues into the NYPD 13th Precinct’s illegal and improper relationship with Criminal Racketeer Adam Rose (Rose Associates -‘manager of Stuyvesant Town’), Tishman Speyer, CWCapital in which the NYPD 13th Precinct cancels 911 calls of residents, harasses residents into not filing complaints (to illegally improperly report crime stats are low, to protect its $$$ guy Defendant Adam Rose — whose boyfriend is NYPD Peter McQuillan), another VIOLENT ASSAULT occurred on the property on April 26, 2012 allegedly committed by a STUDENT. 

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley: not afraid to hold the Banks/Companies accountable for their criminal real estate fraud (Massachusetts files lawsuit against 5 Banks for their illegal real estate fraud misconduct — like Tishman Speyer/Borah Goldstein’s real estate fraud in NY).

Dear New York Housing Court Judges (and Tishman Speyer and Borah Goldstein): 

ACCOUNTABILITY - does this sound familiar?  During the Tishman Speyer Criminal Racketeering Enterprise’s conduct of evicting tenants who were being overcharged as well as harassing rent-stabilized tenants by refusing to make repairs (See former property owner John S. Walsh admission that Rose Associates/Tishman Speyer set quotas to force rent-stabilized tenants out and to refuse repairs to harass them and constructively evict them) YOU (Housing Court Judges of NYC) gleefully allowed “eviction mill” law firm Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel’s attorneys (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber, Carla Seals, Anna Guiliana) to (1) commit repeated Federal Law violations (Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act); (2) ROBOSIGN Petitions (sign fraudulent Petitions without personal knowledge), and (3) submit false and and fraudulent documentation and affirmations, while refusing to require ANY AFFIDAVITS from Tishman Speyer shell companies.   

Instead, Housing Court Judges (elected by Tishman Speyer’s eviction mill law firm Borah Goldstein’s managing partner Robert Goldstein who was on the Civil Court Committee that elects judges during this time) you evicted tenants based solely on Eviction Mill Borah Goldstein’s false and fraudulent affidavits - in violation of basic simple rules of evidence and procedural law. 

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley filed a lawsuit against Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates/Borah Goldstein’s co-conspirator in residential real estate fraud - Bank of America - for doing these same illegal conduct.

ACCOUNTABILITY is a only a NY Attorney General investigation and a few depositions away…thankfully there is NO JUDICIAL IMMUNITY under the Federal Racketeering Statute