Tishman Speyer Stuyvesant Town (NYC) Fraud
BREAKING NEWS: The Named Stuyvesant Town Racketeering Defendants CW Capital and ST OWNER LP (Tishman Speyer) and others involved in the Female Attorney and Stuyvesant Town Tenant Plaintiff’s racketeering lawsuit pending for over four years have been SUED by Junior Lenders in the Stuyvesant Town Foreclosure in a Scathing Complaint alleging THE SAME MISCONDUCT as the Female Attorney claims!

BREAKING NEWS: The Named Stuyvesant Town Racketeering Defendants CW Capital and ST OWNER LP (Tishman Speyer) and others involved in the Female Attorney and Stuyvesant Town Tenant Plaintiff’s racketeering lawsuit pending for over four years have been SUED by Junior Lenders in the Stuyvesant Town Foreclosure in a Scathing Complaint alleging THE SAME MISCONDUCT as the Female Attorney claims, including ‘racketeering’ misconduct:

TheStuyvesant Town junior lenders headed by Centerbridge Partners further allege that CWCapital engaged in “a continuing pattern of misconduct designed” to maintain control of Stuyvesant Town and “reap an unjust windfall” of $1 billion, according to Bloomberg News.


The New Stuyvesant Town Complaint against CW Capital filed by the Junior Lenders can be found on the Female Attorney and Tenant Crime Victim’s document site [that has over 71,000 views (cumulative)!] – some people are listening to her New York State Unified Court System, maybe you should try it - : PCVST Mezzco 4 LLC v. Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C30, 652045/2014, New York State Supreme Court, New York County (Manhattan):


and..WOW further BREAKING NEWS: SHOCKING UNDISPUTED ALLEGATIONS against CW Capital and its named racketeering co-conspirators and maybe New York State Unified Court System should start apologizing to the Female Attorney for its discrimination and contribution to the following SHOCKING misconduct and criminal acts as alleged to be committed by CW Capital and its named racketeering co-defendants and DEFENSE ATTORNEYS: including Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.), Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Paul N. Gruber, Esq., Robert D. Goldstein, Esq.) (212) 431-1300, Nicholas Himonidis, Esq. (646) 445-7801, Rose Associates’ and now CW Capital’s (CompassRock) henchman Fred D. Knapp, Esq. (212) 420-5000 and New York City Housing Court JUDGES Laurie L. Lau and Gerald Lebovits: allegations of violent and criminal intimidation of an Officer of the Court and Victim/Witness (the Female Attorney and Crime Victim Plaintiff in the pending Stuyvesant Town racketeering lawsuits) filed in pre-action disclosure petition:


It is apparent now why named racketeering defendants CW Capital Asset Management, Tishman Speyer, Rose Associates, Inc. (Adam Rose, Fred Knapp, Esq., Gregory Claude), Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel law firm (Paul N. Gruber, Esq., Robert D. Goldstein), New York City Housing Court judges Laurie L. Lau, Gerald Lebovits, Brenda Spears and their Gestapo Squad of thugs including the NYPD 13th precinct, Midtown Moving & Storage, Inc. went to such violent and criminal extremes as alleged in the above linked Petition to discredit and “commit financial and judicial terrorism” against the Female Attorney and Crime Victim/Tenant:

Named racketeering Defendants CW Capital didn’t want the Female Attorney to continue to blow the whistle on CW Capital and its racketeering co-defendants: “ continuing pattern of misconduct” in order for CW Capital to “reap an unjust windfall” of 1 BILLION dollars.

The New Complaint against the named CW Capital and Tishman Speyer racketeering defendants by the millionaire junior lenders against the CW Capital senior Stuyvesant Town lenders makes the following similar allegations that the Female Attorney and Crime Victim Tenant has previously made (yet; the Female attorney alleges that she has been subjected to CW Capital and its attorneys and co-defendants “misogynist threats and abuse” calling her a ‘crazy c*nt’ ‘stupid bitch’ and attempting to discredit her as ‘not sane’ for making the SAME ALLEGATIONS reagarding the continuing pattern of misconduct by CW Capital):

“This Complaint arises out of Defendants’ [CWCapital, ST OWNER LP (Tishman Speyer)] improper actions to wrongfully seize control of …Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village (“Stuyvesant Town”) … through a purported deed in lieu of foreclosure transaction orchestrated and consummated on both sides by CW Capital.”

“The deed in lieu of [foreclosure] transaction was the culmination of a continuing pattern of misconduct designed to (i) keep CWCapital in control of Stuy Town, including its contemplated disposition…”

“Through these wrongful actions, CW Capital will capture an unjustified billion dollar windfall for itself and the other Defendants (including Tishman Speyer).

49. By obtaining the Foreclosure Judgment, CW Capital made an irrevocable decision that it was willing to give up contract and default rate interest in exchange for obtaining the benefits of having a Foreclosure Judgment.”

69. CW Capital intentionally concealed the purported deed in lieu of foreclosure from its Junior Lenders (i.e., despite having secretly obtained a ‘purported deed in lieu of foreclosure’ failed to mention it in an email to its junior lenders later that day.”

Cat got your tongue, New York State Unified Court System? Oh, and where is New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman? How does Governor Cuomo feel now about his million dollar campaign contributer and appointee to New York State Real Estate Committees member…named racketeering defendant Rob Speyer (Tishman Speyer)?

BREAKING NEWS in Stuyvesant Town Racketeering Lawsuit: What do Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.), Child Pornography and Disney all have in common???

BREAKING NEWS: What do Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose, Child Pornography and Disney all have in common?

It’s been a while since there’s been any information on the long-standing and pending Stuyvesant Town Racketeering lawsuit and wow, bombshell allegations abound and the reasons for radio silence will probably not surprise you, but wait to hear what these Racketeering Defendants continue to do…and who’s helping them to harass the female attorney and crime victim who blew the whistle on them to federal and state officials (and yes, it includes more judges in the New York State Unified Court System e.g., one whose employee concealed the identity of racketeering defendants Borah Goldstein’s employee in the courtroom?!?!?!). The Court files are filled with bombshells!

(1) It appears as those little Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose and his co-conspirators L(iars)awyers Racketeering Defendants Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel, P.C. (Robert D. Goldstein), Debra Guzov (Guzov Offsink LLC) AND defendant NYC Housing Court judge Gerald Lebovits have been busy employing the same tactics like the Secret Service (S.S.) of the Nazi Regime by using the free services of the State Bar Disciplinary Committee to conduct secret proceedings against the female attorney who accused them in court proceedings of assaulting, harassing, stalking and violently destroying her property AND stealing her legal files AFTER she blew the whistle on the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates Inc. (Adam Rose)/Borah Goldstein Residential Real Estate Racketeering and Tax Fraud Scheme implicating them.

AND, the REASON for the Nazi-like secret proceedings of the Racketeering Defendants’ friends at the Bar Disciplinary Committee???? Little Adam Rose and his Racketeering Co-Defendants don’t like what this blog and other anonymous blogs are legally reporting and they are falsely saying the blogs are defamatory?!?!? And, the Racketeering Defendants are trying to obtain the identities of bloggers not only from this blog but numerous other blogs who report Anonymously on the legal proceedings and give their opinions of the little Adam Rose (Rose Associates Inc.), Borah Goldstein, Tishman Speyer and Stuyvesant Town Racketeering and Tax Fraud Scheme Cases. The Racketeering Defendants are trying to get all of our identities without notice to the blogs and without proper legal proceedings instead they are going through confidential secret proceedings to force an attorney who’s a crime victim to disclose who she’s talking to claiming it’s a disciplinary proceeding. The female attorney and crime victim is fighting the Racketeering Defendants’ attempts to illegally obtain anonymous bloggers’ information through these illegal means.  And, of course, they are trying to make the female attorney crime victim look bad but it only looks like a cover-up by more New York State Court employees and judges! WOW! How can this be legal??? Hmmm, wow, maybe the bias by the judges and the New York State Courts that the attorney victim has repeatedly stated in her legal documents should not be ignored anymore.

** It appears as though the female attorney victim is allowed to talk about this now because the Racketeering Defendants mentioned the confidential proceedings in public court documents and apparently the filing of the complaints with the Bar committee are also the subject of some of her claims in the pending lawsuit.***

As the readers of this blog know, little Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose’s l(iar)awyer Debra Guzov, Esq. (Guzov Offsink LLC) who herself is named as part of the racketeering scheme in the Tishman Speyer racketeering lawsuits (other law firms and lawyers named in the lawsuit include: Robert D. Goldstein, Paul N. Gruber, Carla M. Seals (Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel, P.C., and Belkin Burden Wenig and Goldman, L.L.C.) tried to shut this blog down by saying the same things: falsely stating that this blog is ‘defamatory’ (because it reports on the Stuyvesant Town lawsuits) by sending a notice to the web host on MAY 9, 2012 – ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO. The web host clearly didn’t agree with them and cowardly li(ar)on Adam Rose and his modern day Gestapo-like attorneys Debra Guzov, Esq. never filed any lawsuits because they have no valid claims. Plus, I am told the statute of limitations for any of their harassing attempts for claims of defamation has expired. So what do they do??? They are going after an attorney and crime victim (whose case has been reported here) through secret proceedings to get anonymous bloggers identities. A MORE DETAILED POST ON THIS TOPIC INCLUDING WHAT LITTLE DEBBIE DOWNER GUZOV’S LETTER ON BEHALF OF ADAM “I’M NOT A REAL BOY” ROSE TO THE BLOG HOST DEMANDED AND WAS SHOTDOWN WILL BE POSTED LATER…..

……but now for the Racketeering and Harassment Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.) and his dirty rent boys (and girls) including the NYPD 13th precinct’s connection to child pornography and Disney allegations…?!?!?!?!

(2) Is Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc.) and his stable of Gestapo-like “lawyers” Racketeering Defendants including Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber) and Little Debbie Guzov (Guzov Ofsink LLC) communicating with and acting in connection with Disney and its attorneys to help conceal Disney’s connection to child pornography? I know but just wait…and maybe now we can all understand why these defendants are violently attacking this female attorney and why they want to destroy her, literally.

Apparently in the latest court filings it was disclosed that the female attorney and crime victim’s legal files that were destroyed and stolen during the pending racketeering lawsuit (while some of the Racketeering Defendants were under court order to preserve the plaintiff’s property) included legal files concerning a separate pending case that the female attorney was involved in…which included (quoted from the court documents):  “Disney scripts involved in that lawsuit contained child pornography, sex in front of a priest, threesomes and other scenes that Disney and the Quinn Emanuel law firm wouldn’t want the public to know about…” Holy Disney Child Porn?!?! Say it ain’t so?!?!

Apparently, Racketeering Defendant Adam Rose and his attorneys (who are also defendants, remember) Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel, P.C. actually submitted documents from that separate Disney case and referenced the stolen documents —- how stupid can you get?!?!

Take some time to let this all sink in…more to come later…this anonymous blogger needs a drink. Yes, this stuff really happens.

NYPD DirtyCops LOSE APPEAL, OFF TO JAIL for Official Misconduct Similar to criminal acts committed by Racketeering Defendants Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates(Adam Rose)’s special friends/co-conspirators at NYPD 13thPrecinct (Garcia,Matias,Habib,Guiliochello,Guiliana)


NYPD’s ‘finest’ dirty cops LOSE APPEAL - going to jail for Official Misconduct for similar misconduct as the crimes committed by NYPD 13th Precinct police officers (Garcia, Matias, Guiliochello, Habib, Guiliana, Saginelli, etc.) who interfered with tenant/victim’s 911 calls in furtherance of Stuyvesant Town Racketeers Tishman Speyer (Jerry Speyer/Rob Speyer)/Rose Associates(Adam Rose, Fred Knapp, Gregory Claude) Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul N. Gruber, Carla Seals) assault, criminal mischief, robbery, harassment against tenant victim who exposed Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates’ criminal residential real estate racketeering scheme and fraud.

Defendant Racketeers Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose) have been given free reign over the NYPD 13th precinct on 21st Street in Manhattan to illegally manipulate crime statistics (i.e., harassing tenants including NYU students at Stuyvesant Town to not file police reports), canceling 911 calls, and for named co-conspirator Adam Rose, special favors by the Police Commissioner as a result of Adam Rose’s boyfriend NYPD Sergeant Peter McQuillen — a special little GUN PERMIT - so named co-defendant accused of VIOLENT FELONY’s against tenants can threaten tenants (including female tenant/victim who filed complaints against Adam Rose).

Hey NYPD: you can’t hide the facts: apparently you have an accepted policy for your dirty cops to commit felony obstruction of 911 calls…looks like the 13th Precinct will be recruiting once co-conspirator Adam Rose’s rent boys (Garcia, Matias, Habib, Guiliochello, etc…) are PUT IN PRISON for their “Official Felony Misconduct”

As seen by these Dirty Cops from the same East Village area, apparently the NYPD likes to play with 911 calls — a Felony.

NY Federal Judge REFUSES TO DISMISS FRAUD case against Banks in Second Attempt By JPMorgan,BankOfAmerica to AVOID LIABILITY for white collar crimes

At least ONE JUDGE in New York was working on Monday!


U.S. District Judge Denise Cote rejected another attempt by 16 banks (including Stuyvesant Town’s fraudster Bank of America, N.A.) to escape liability for their ROBO-SIGNING and fraud concerning mortgages.  

Interesting to note, though, is the fact that alleged victims in the Federal Suit are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — BOTH additional Senior Loan holders of the Mortgages re: Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village in the Defendant Racketeers Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates Fraud and Racketeering Case in New York State Supreme Court.

Looks like Bank of America will be facing the music in Federal Court even if their co-conspirators Borah Goldstein (Robert Goldstein, Paul N. Gruber) succeed in further illegal criminal influence and delays over the New York State Courts.  

*Bank of America is ALSO A SENIOR LENDER and alleged co-conspirator racketeer INVOLVED in the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residential real estate fraud in which BANK OF AMERICA’s ‘representatives’ including co-conspirators Tishman Speyer and Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul N. Gruber, Carla Seals) all ROBO-SIGNED fraudulent petitions in New York City Housing Court cases for over 6 years to cover-up their tax fraud and racketeering scheme, harassment against rent stabilized tenants - with their patsy New York City Housing Court Judges (Judge Laurie Lau, Judge Gerald Lebovits, Judge Brenda Spears, etc., whom the co-conspirators and defendants Borah Goldstein elected and nominated to the bench) turning a blind eye in furtherance of the fraud/racketeering scheme.

Doesn’t look like New York State/City Judges have been doing much work lately:   most of whom are in the pockets of/elected by the named White Collar Criminals BORAH GOLDSTEIN ALTSCHULER NAHINS & GOIDEL (Robert Goldstein, Paul N. Gruber, Calra Seals), ROSE ASSOCIATES (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose, Fred Knapp, Esq., Gregory Claude), TISHMAN SPEYER (Rob Speyer, Jerry Speyer)  in a SIMILAR STATE COURT RACKETEERING/FRAUD Case with similar claims..hmm, how foolish will New York State Judges look if they contradict Federal Judges on the same issues...more evidence for the BIAS and illegal influence over some of the New York Court judges (Laurie Lau, Gerald Lebovits, Brenda Spears, …and more to be named due to the continuing investigation joined by another state agency.)

The complicity of the New York State/City Courts personnel in the racketeering scheme and subsequent cover-up will be difficult to dispute should the New York State Courts contradict a Federal Court ruling…in similar cases and similar defendants.

SHOCKING NEWS: RacketeersCWCapital not cooperating with tenants

Gee, Councilman Dan Garodnick, are you really surprised that you and the tenants were hoodwinked by defendant criminal racketeers CWCapital Asset Management? FOR TWO YEARS now you and the tenants association have been on notice that you are negotiating with racketeers who commit such felonies as assault on tenants -by its Gestapo Squad led by Fred “Himmler” Knapp, Esq. (Rose Associates, CompassRock) a so-called mercenary ’attorney’ who has been involved with terrorizing tenants and committing fraud for over 20 years - tax fraud, assault, interference with 911 calls, criminal mischief, threatening tenants.

What a change of tune Defendant Racketeers CWCapital (Charles Spetka) is singing…(wonder what his tune will be to the feds? probably will be singing like a canary since white collar criminals are sissies when they are facing prison terms, hopefully, he and his co-defendant racketeers (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose, Paul Gruber, Esq., Robert Goldstein, Esq., Carla Seals, Jerry Speyer, Rob Speyer, Peter McQuillen, Fred Knapp, Gregory Claude, and their NYPD 13th precinct Adam Rose personal rent boys) will pull a Mark Madoff and save tax payers millions of dollars).

In January 2010, Defendant Racketeers CWCapital (Charles Spetka, ) conned Councilman Dan Garodnick and the Tenants Association - and shockingly they fell for it (hoping that the Tishman Speyer (Jerry Speyer), Rose Associates (Adam Rose) and CWCapital had another politician, judge, lawyer in their bulging pockets of corrupt mysogynists and sociopaths):


Stuy Town special servicer heaps praise on Garodnick

January 27, 2010 09:39AM

CWCaptial, the financial group that took over the senior mortgage at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village early this week, broke its silence in a letter to City Council member and Stuy Town rent stabilization advocate Dan Garodnick, according to the New York Observer. Despite the special servicer’s reluctance to publicly comment on the ongoing Stuyvesant Town mortgage melee, the letter, written by Charles Spetka, president of CWCaptial, heaps praise on the council member, referring to Garodnick as “an outstanding community leader,” and promises that CWCapital will “make every effort to work cooperatively with [Garodnick] and the [Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village] residents.” Although Spetka noted that his company’s first priority is to secure the $3 billion owed to mortgage lenders, he said that CWCapital “believe[s] strongly that the underlying value of these properties is directly linked to maintaining the [positive] attributes of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town.””

Read that one over again, Councilman Dan Garodnick…hoodwinked, hoodwinked, hoodwinked.

How long does it take a politician to finally acknowledge he’s been conned? Three years??:


Stuy-Town tenants aim to ax the middleman

The Tenants Association sent a letter to residents at Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village stating that henceforth the group will seek to cut out the middleman—CW Capital, the special servicer that represents the bond holders in the foreclosed property—in favor of reaching out to the debt-holders directly.
CW Capital Asset Management, is stone-walling the efforts of the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association and its partner Brookfield Asset Management to buy the sprawling property and convert the property so it can pay off its debt, according to a statement from the tenants association Tuesday morning.

The Tenants Association sent a letter to residents at the rent-regulated property, which runs from East 14th to East 23rd streets along the East River, on Tuesday. It stated that henceforth the group will seek to cut out the middleman—CW Capital, the special servicer that represents the bond holders in the foreclosed property—in favor of reaching out to the debt-holders directly. The reason is that CW Capital has not been responsive. City Councilman Dan Garodnick, a long-time resident of the complex, sent a similar letter to CW Capital.

"Despite having teamed up with word-class legal and financial advisors Paul Weiss, and Moelis & Company, and a highly credible capital partner, Brookfield Asset Management, and communicating in multiple ways with CW Capital, it consistently declines to engage with us," said John Marsh, president of the Tenants Association, in a press statement. …

CW Capital declined to comment.

According to the Tenants Association, CW Capital said it will not discuss future plans for the property until the ongoing litigation regarding rents is settled.the Tenant Association accuses CW Capital of using the lawsuit “as a pretext for inaction,” adding the special servicer of profiting from the situation, as it has been collecting fees on the property since it took on the additional role of the property’s manager in August.

"After decades of peace in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, the last six years have brought conflict, upheaval, and instability," wrote Mr. Garodnick in his letter to CW Capital. "While we cannot point fingers at CW Capital for creating the problem, we certainly can fault you for prolonging it."

Hey great minds at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison LLP, Moelis & Company, and Councilman Dan Garodnick — do you think maybe the fact that CWCapital and the bondholders — who were ALL PART OF THE RACKETEERING SCHEME to illegally destabilize Stuyvesant Town and to terrorize rent stabilized tenants — are subject to disgorgement of the property - meaning THEY WILL LOSE TITLE, might have something to do with their silence? 

And, oh, by the way Tenants Association and Councilman Dan Garodnick — your buddies there at BROOKFIELD are possible racketeers and  PART OF THE ORIGINAL RACKETEERING SCHEME as junior bondholders.

"Convicted of Mortgage Fraud, Two LAWYERS Seek New Trial": Sound familiar Borah Goldstein, Fred Knapp (Rose Associates)?

LAWYERS’ lame excuses that they were “merely performing routine legal chores for transactions that netted fraud ring participants more than $25 million” found GUILTY  by a Federal Jury that convicted them of 10 felony counts each in relation to the scheme, including conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud.   http://www.newyorklawjournal.com/PubArticleNY.jsp?id=1202564967886&slreturn=20120631183538

The Tishman Speyer/Borah Goldstein/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose) Residential Real Estate Racketeering Fraud allegations sound strikingly similar:  i.e., Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Fred Knapp, Esq., Gregory Claude)’s Nazi conduct enforcing co-conspirator racketeer Law Firm:  Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber, Carla Seals, Anna Guiliana, et. al)’s over 6 year “eviction mill” fraudulent conduct in the NYC Housing Court (facilitated by NYC Housing Court procedures and employees e.g., Judges Laurie Lau, Gerald Lebovits, Brenda Spears, et. al.) concerning the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village racketeering scheme and over $200 million dollar tax fraud and the robosigning of “petitions” for evictions of rent-stabilized and market rate tenants, all victims of the Tishman Speyer/Borah Goldstein/Rose Associates real estate and tax fraud scheme. 

Let’s see if the New York State Courts will not be extorted and/or illegally influenced like the NYC Housing Court by the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose)/Borah Goldstein racketeers and instead will apply the same Constitutional due process and rights to a Female Lawyer/Female Tenant/Violent Felony Victim as in similar Federal and State RICO cases against residential real estate criminal racketeers ( see Pinnacle Group RICO lawsuit http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/08/nyregion/pinnacle-group-settles-ny-tenants-harassment-suit.html).

BREAKING NEWS: NYPD INTERNAL AFFAIRS orders NYPD to investigate NewYorkUniversity’s Stuyvesant Town Property Manager ADAM ROSE for VIOLENT FELONY v.FemaleTenant

Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD ORDERS NYPD to investigate NYU’s Stuyvesant Town property manager ADAM ROSE (ROSE ASSOCIATES), FRED KNAPP, ESQ., and GREGORY CLAUDE in the VIOLENT FELONY destruction of Female Tenant’s property in April in the continuing criminal investigations against Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Amy Rose, Daniel Rose)’s concerning the criminal and civil  racketeering acts committed by Tishman Speyer, Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Fredd Knapp, Gregory Claude), their debt collector law firm Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber, Carla Seals), against a Female Tenant who filed a racketeering, harassment, fraud lawsuit against Rose Associates, Tishman, Borah Goldstein, et. al, that’s pending in New York State Supreme Court.

Despite co-conspirator (in the criminal residential real estate racketeering and fraud pending lawsuit) ADAM ROSE’s years long hold over and special favors by the NYPD 13th Precinct (as well as special favors by his NYPD Sergeant boyfriend Peter McQuillan, including, NYPD improperly giving ADAM ROSE a GUN PERMIT, 13th precinct harassing tenants and NYU students into not making complaints in order to fraudulently report crime statistics at NYU’s Stuyvesant Town -illegal? violative of J-51 tax law - DORMS), Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD ordered the NYPD to take and investigate the complaint of the criminal violent felonious acts that the NYPD 13th Precinct officers participated in/refused to take complaint - and to investigate ADAM ROSE (ROSE ASSOCIATES), FRED KNAPP (an ‘attorney’ who spied on rent-stabilized tenants and filed thousands of frivolous lawsuits as part of the criminal residential real estate racketeering lawsuit), GREGORY CLAUDE who participated FELONY DESTRUCTION of Female Tenant’s property and who repeatedly submitted perjury and false affidavits in the numerous fraudulent housing court cases in frutherance of the criminal racketeering scheme, as well as other individuals who participated in and covered up the VIOLENT FELONIES.

The VIOLENT FELONY charges include JAIL TIME, although it would seem thatADAM ROSE— who is known for his sadistic and rage filled emails to female tenants and his harassment towards female tenants - would probably enjoy his time in prison.