Tishman Speyer Stuyvesant Town (NYC) Fraud
TANGLED WEB of WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS: How do New York University and its President John E. Sexton fit into the Stuyvesant Town Racketeering Fraud and Tax Fraud Scheme?

New York University is a NAMED DEFENDANT in the New York State Supreme Court racketeering case with its co-defendants Tishman Speyer, Adam Rose, Rose Associates, etc. concerning the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village $200 million dollar tax fraud and residential real estate racketeering scheme.

Although Racketeering Defendants Tishman Speyer (Jerry Speyer, Rob Speyer), Adam Rose, Rose Associates, their private Gestapo squad: Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber), Debra Guzov, Esq., “private detective i.e., harasser” Fred Knapp, Gregory Claude, Midtown Moving & Storage, and the NYPD 13th precinct rent boys, including racketeering defendant Adam Rose’s boyfriend NYPD Sergeant Peter McQuillan etc. have been able to drag out proceedings and attempt to conceal their wrongdoing due to their political and financial favors like typical white collar criminals, not once have these named defendants denied their participation in this racketeering scheme and tax fraud.  

New York University and its President John E. Sexton will have to face the accusations that it knowlingly violated the Rent Stabilized laws through its participation in the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper racketeering scheme.


New York University President John E. Sexton and Co-Defendant racketeer Tishman Speyer (Jerry Speyer) were both directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  

The whole world is watching…whether you like it or not.

CIA Report finds concerns with New York City Police Department


Of course:  Maybe the New York City Police thugs — including named racketeering and extortionist Adam Rose’s (Rose Associates) Gestapo squad at the 13th Precinct in New York City who strong-armed tenants at Stuyvesant Town not to file police reports, who cancelled 911 calls from tenants at Stuyvesant Town and gave named defendant violent extortionist Adam Rose (Rose Associates) a GUN PERMIT (because Adam Rose’s boyfriend Peter McQuillan was an NYPD Sergeant, using NYC Police resources for personal favors????) — used their CIA lackeys to learn how to illegally spy on Stuyvesant Town residents?  

When you have NYC NYPD thugs raping and illegally trolling federal police computer databases to find women to harass and boil for dinner (e.g., NYPD’s finest Gilberto Valle):


No wonder New York City Police Department and criminal racketeering defendants Adam Rose (Rose Associates, Inc., Fred Knapp, Gregory Claude, Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel) and it’s real estate comrade Mayor Bloomberg are wetting their pants over the thought of having a separate Inspector General to investigate the New York City Police Department (Defying Mayor Bloomberg and his top cop, NYPD Raymond Kelly, City Council passes bill to create an Inspector General separate from the corrupt NYPD to investigate police complaints:


— looks like the NYPD Gestapo thugs (including defendant racketeer and extortionist Adam Rose, Rose Associates, rent boys at the NYPD 13th Precinct) and defendant Adam Rose (Rose Associates) can’t hide behind their daddy’s money and their boyfriend’s NYPD shields for much longer….the world is watching, you will be exposed.

CO-Conspirator in Residential Racketeering AdamRose (Rose Associates)Commits CRIMES &EXTORTION v. US Veterans Family in furtherance of scheme

Co-conspirator criminal racketeer in the pending New York State Supreme Court case re: Stuyvesant Town

 Adam Rose (Rose Associates) not only hates female tenants, rent-stabilized tenats, but also commits crimes against US VETERAN’S FAMILY!  http://tinyurl.com/bmgqdty

Co-Conspirator criminal racketeer ADAM ROSE (Rose Associates) destroyed the property and military artifacts of a deceased KOREAN and VIETNAM VETERANS’s daughter -  employing racketeer Adam Rose’s EXTORTIONIST thuggery tactics in retaliation against female tenant - daughter of deceased 20 year US MARINE VETERAN — who filed a racketeering lawsuit against Adam Rose/Tishman Speyer for the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates harassment schemes against rent stabilized tenants (107310/2011 NY Sup. Ct) and uncovered the white collar crimes committed by co-conspirator Adam Rose (Rose Associates-Daniel Rose, Amy Rose), Tishman Speyer (Jerry Speyer, Rob Speyer), Debt Collector Repeat Federal Law Violators Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel (Robert Goldstein, Paul Gruber, Carla Seals, Marvin Altschuler).

Co-conspirator criminal extortionist ADAM ROSE (Rose Associates)(who’se boyfriend of 14 years is NYPD Sergeant PETER MCQUILLAN) commits criminal acts against Veterans like Adam Rose’s co-conspirator BANK OF AMERICA in their residential racketeering scheme in which ADAM ROSE’s co-conspirator Bank of America OVERCHARGED US VETERANS re: another real estate mortgage scheme. SEE: http://tinyurl.com/cu25jqo Bank of America (Tishman Speyer Stuyvesant Town senior lender co-conspirator in racketeering scheme)

The Tishman Speyer/Adam Rose (Rose Associates)/Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel criminal racketeering scheme - extortion, and criminal acts against US VETERANS and their families is reprehensible considering the fact that US VETERANS fight to protect this country while Tishman Speyers/Adam Rose’s/Borah Goldstein’s destroy and commit crimes against US citizens and while The Tishman Speyer/Adam Rose/Borah Goldstein ancestors lacked the courage and as stated in the movie “The Debt” about the Warsaw Ghetto: “despite overnumbering the german soldiers by 1000s not one of [the Racketeers’ ancestors] had the courage to stand up/sacrifice themselves for the thousands others [like our US MILITARY VETERANS!!!]”  See http://tishmanspeyerfraud.tumblr.com/post/14032576968/this-time-stand-up-to-the-tishman-speyer-nazi-regime

The Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose)’s Bank of America, etc. racketeers crimes against veterans should be prosecuted in MILITARY COURTS in Guantanimo!

Co-conspirator Rose Associates “lawyer” FRED KNAPP implicated AGAIN in criminal Acts against Tenants in Stuyvesant Racketeering Case

"Attorney" FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP fancies himself a ‘private detective.’ http://www.nysun.com/new-york/private-eyes-will-prowl-apartments/48326/   This article confirms co-conspirator criminal racketeer FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP’s joyful participation in the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates/CWCapital/Bank of America/Borah Goldstein criminal racketeering scheme concerning the most prolific residential real estate fraud in the history of residential real estate, see also, Roberts v. Tishman Speyer.

While hiding behind his paper ‘law degree’ FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP — co-conspirator criminal racketeer ADAM ROSE (Rose Associate)’s Nazi Regime rentboy — has been committing criminal racketeering acts for years harassing rent stablized tenants, filing frivolous housing court actions all part of the Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates/Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel Criminal Residential Real Estate Racketeering Scheme including Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village.

Co-conspirator criminal racketeer FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP is also responsible for the criminal violation of Court orders committed by co-conspirator criminal racketeer ADAM ROSE (Rose Associates) in which FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP facilitated and participated in the racketeering enterprise’s theft, criminal conversion, willful destruction of a Korean and Vietnam War Veterans’ family’s property, criminal obstruction of justice by making false police reports against tenants, cancelling 911 calls, participation in the criminal assault of a female tenant, criminal tax fraud, etc.

It appears, co-conspirator in the Stuyvesant Town pending Racketeering Lawsuit, FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP follows the footsteps of apparently his hero Heinrich Himmler - invades rent stabilized tenants’ privacy, criminally destroys Veterans’ and Christian’s property — and has been calling himself a ‘private eye’ for landlords and violating rights since 1988!  http://www.nytimes.com/1988/05/09/nyregion/fred-knapp-private-eye-scourge-of-illegal-tenants.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm

While like his namesake Heinrich Himmler, FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP ‘s gets sadistic joy in committing religious discrimination with co-conspirator Adam Rose, and committing criminal acts against Veterans’ families, female tenants while playing ‘private eye’ and ‘lawyer’, like Himmler, it’s only a matter of time before FRED ‘Himmler’ KNAPP will be publicly exposed as the simple street criminal that he is.

New York University Hires Property Manager Racketeer ADAM ROSE who Threatens FREE SPEECH And Tenants

New York University - recently notified that it will be added to Residential Racketeering Lawsuit in New York Supreme Court (107310/2011) concerning its Student Housing at Stuyvesant Town and Tishman Speyer/Rose Associates who wilfully violated New York State Rent Stabilized law and committed Tax Fraud of over $25million dollars see Roberts v. Tishman — has co-conspirator racketeer Adam Rose (Rose Associates) still managing the arguably illegal student housing at Stuyvesant Town.

New York University’s housing property manager Adam Rose as part of his criminal racketeering scheme to violate New York State Rent Stabilized Law and Tax Laws harasses female tenants with threatening and misogynist vitriolic emails AND then has his Nazi Gestapo ‘attorney’ eviction mill (Debra Guzov, Esq., Guzov LLC ’law firm’) threaten FREE SPEECH of BLOGGERS who report on his harassment of tenants (i.e., by sending frivolous DMCA takedown notices of blog posts concerning his incriminating emails to tenants - emails that in the PUBLIC RECORD submitted as EVIDENCE in LEGAL PROCEEDINGS).

New York State Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh stated in an Order that the Racketeering/Harassment/Fraud case (107310/2011) against Rose Associates/Tishman Speyer/CWCapital/Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel and others SHOWS MERIT. 

New York University’s Co-conspirator ADAM ROSE (ROSE ASSOCIATES) property manager is also currently under investigation for his role in the felonious misconduct of NYPD 13th Precinct who act as co-conspirator Adam Rose’s rentboys personal security force (considering co-conspirator Adam Rose’s boyfriend of 14 years is NYPD Peter McQuillan — apparently Adam Rose thinks he can pay for more than one NYPD) including assault, canceling 911 calls of tenants, being ‘on-call’ like NYPD Peter McQuillan to satisfy the personal needs of co-conspirator Adam Rose by harassing rent-stabilized tenants. 

New York University’s Co-conspirator Adam Rose (Rose Associates) property manager is also under investigation for the criminal theft, conversion and illegal destruction of female tenant’s property http://tinyurl.com/6t4285g 

New York University has a duty to discose to student body the employment of co-conspirator Adam Rose (Rose Associates) and such continued employment is tacit approval of the suppression of free speech and the criminal misconduct and harassment as shown to have merit in the Racketeering Lawsuit against Adam Rose/Rose Associates concerning the arguably illegal New York University Housing at Stuyvesant Town.

Co-Conspirator Racketeer Adam Rose ADMITS sending harassing emails to female tenant in Frivolous DMCA Notice to Blogger

Co-Conspirator criminal racketeer ADAM ROSE and his latest addition to his stable of gestapo “debt collector/federal law violator” ”attorneys” Debra Guzov, Esq. sent this frivolous DMCA takedown notice solely for the purpose to illegally obtain personal confidential identity information about the blog and blogger since the EMAILS referred to ARE NOT SUBJECT TO DMCA since they HAVE BEEN AND STILL ARE PART OF THE PUBLIC RECORD in NUMEROUS LEGAL PROCEEDINGS IN WHICH ADAM ROSE has participated in. These EMAILS are EVIDENCE SUBMITTED in LEGAL PROCEEDINGS & part of PUBLIC RECORD.  Looks like Debra Guzov, Esq. another “attorney” in the stable willing to commit perjury for co-conspirator criminal racketeer Rose Associates (Adam Rose, Daniel Rose, Amy Rose).

*** Apparently Co-Conspirator ADAM ROSE and his Nazi Gestapo “attorney” Debra Guzoz, Esq. are afraid the world will see Adam Rose as the criminal mysogynist racketeer that he is. — will post the EMAILS from the PUBLIC LEGAL FILES ***

***In those emails ADAM ROSE taunts female tenant telling her he doesn’t intend to comply with subpeonas and show up in court, tells her to go outside and mocks her telling her to pay her rent while he knowingly allows a hazardous mold condition - which is a crime in New York to force tenants to live in knowingly hazardous conditions.   THIS IS A ‘MAN” that New York University has managing NYU housing?? This is how he spends his day harassing tenants and reading blogs about himself, covering up his criminal acts —- NYU students, and families SHOULD BE NOTIFIED that this is who is watching their children***